The growing fear of inhaling in a contaminated atmosphere has put everyone in an effort to do that every measure that could secure their breathing air. This is the reason; many people are opting for air purification systems in their offices and home. Air purification is an appliance that purifies the air in various steps and results in pollution free air. It is important to know that air inside closed walls is more polluted as the ways of ventilation are limited. Dirty particles cultivate via pets, cooking, moistures, household chemicals, etc.

To get rid of all these hazardous pollutants, air purifiers are the finest solution for your home or commercial space. The carbon filter is the common filter that is present in the air purifiers.


An air purifier is designed in a way that you will find a fan inside it that intakes the contaminated air from outside and cleaning it by passing through the filters. When the pollutants are removed by filtration, the hygienic and cleaned air is pushed back into the room through another fan.


As the carbon is present as a filter, it is capable of adsorbing all the nasty smells and compounds that cause pollution. Here, it is important to understand that the function of adsorbing is entirely distinctive from absorbing because in adsorbing, the dirty elements get attracted towards filter through a chemical reaction. As the surface area of the stimulated carbon filter is greater than the normal filters, thus, they have more ability to catch the hazardous particles. Due to the regular usage, the space on filter gets filled up with the particles and after some time you have to swap it with the fresh one.

As disused earlier, the carbon filter is very beneficial to filter the contaminated compounds from the air and to enhance its function, the HEPA filter is used. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air has the ability to eradicate up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air around us. When the dust particles, pet hairs, chemical bits, pollen, bacteria etc. are removed from the environment, the class of air will visibly progress and become healthier. With that, the health issues like asthma, sinus, and skin diseases will also diminish.


It is always better if the carbon is of a thick body. When the filter is thick, the pollutant element will have greater time to pass by it, hence, they get stuck through it and all we get is the filtered air. Thus, remember that your chosen air purifier has thick carbon and not the thin one. Most probably, the inexpensive air purifiers would be carrying thin filters and cannot confiscate the smell, particles or chemicals fumes.


As discussed above, there are various qualities of activated carbon filters available in the market. When the filter has more components of activated carbon, then the chances of absorbing contaminated contents increases. These types of filters are also not required to be changed quickly.

Some carbon filters can be washed as well for the second usage, but make sure that they are working competently. Although the manufacturer mentions it on the cover, still the user needs to look into the filter’s condition that whether it can work properly or not.

In another type of carbon filters, they are manufactured with magnesium or copper dioxide. These compounds have the ability to eradicate extra dangerous elements like carbon monoxide, ozone, and ethylene oxide, etc. such carbon filters are beneficial for those who are prone to chemical sensitivity issues.

Another type of carbon filter is called coconut shell activated carbon which is thicker and works for the longer period. These carbon filters go through the steam procedure, which enhances its efficiency by creating millions of pores on its exterior. It is available in micro pores, meso pores, and macro pores form. This sort of carbon filter is used in the water and gas purification industries.

Another premium quality of activated carbon filter is made up of anthracite carbon. This carbon is the supreme kind of carbon that has around 98% of pure carbon in it. The filter manufactured with anthracite carbon is higher in attribute and works more efficiently as a filter.


You need to have right knowledge while purchasing the carbon filter for you. Foremost, check your air purifier’s size and model so that you will buy the filter accordingly. The other points that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Iodine number
  • CTC number
  • BET surface area
  • Butane activity

Different companies have different metrics, this is why having initial knowledge is crucial. Remember that it is always better to not just jump onto any brand instead examined different brands and their specifications.

If you are looking to obtain air purification on a commercial level or have any additional questions we at SES are more than happy to help.