New York Blower is  excited to announce the release of a new Mobile app to assist customers with easily finding their fan information. The app is free to download and available in both Apple and Google Play stores and can be found by searching “New York Blower”. The first release of this app features the following functionality:

  • Ability to access your fan information with a shop or serial number. (For instructions on how to find the shop number, click here.) Once the shop number is entered, the app generates a description of the fan, along with specifications such as the model, size, impeller type, arrangement and original operating conditions.
  • All documentation associated with each shop number is available, including certified drawings, data and curves, maintenance manuals, and a zip file to easily email all information.
  • Once you access your fan information, you can buy replacement parts using the online portal. For more information about buying replacement parts online, click here.
  • Quickly find your local sales representative, so it is easier to contact this office directly with any questions.
  • Import fan’s original operating capcities into a calculator to see how a change in operating conditions will affect fan performance.


For local sales, service & support in Virginia  for  NYB products please contact us today at